Time and Tide Bell ~ #200Fish

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #24 Blackmouth Catshark Galeus melastomus ~ Serena Sussex

Mixed media on canvas 81 x 81 cm.

Blackmouth Catshark

The Blackmouth Catshark can be found in the North-eastern Atlantic Ocean from Iceland down to Senegal and sometimes the Mediterranean Sea. It can be found in the depth of 150-1,400 metres on the muddy bottoms of the ocean. The adult length varies from 67 to 97cm. It is a slim built fish with marble effect brownish markings with razor sharp teeth and a protruding nose. They are slow swimming and like to feed on a variety of crustaceans and fish.
When foraging, the Blackmouth Catshark swings its head from side to side to employ its senses more effectively. It likely relies mainly on smell and electroreception to find food, and less on vision because of the dark murky waters on the seabed. Females producing batches of up to 13 egg cases throughout the year.
In the north-eastern Atlantic, this shark is being increasingly targeted by fishers following the decline of other deepwater shark species. With the commercial approach, using large trawling nets, many unwanted creatures are trapped and discarded by fishermen so this must stop. It is among the most commonly caught sharks in trawls targeting deepwater lobsters and shrimps.

This is a great exhibition to bring together a fantastic group of artists and making the public aware of our fishes in the North Seas which mankind should respect. I am pleased to be part of the #200Fish project and wanted to help raise awareness about all the living creatures in the North Sea and ocean, how we can respect and be environmentally sensitive in the way we fish for food from the ocean and not destroy the delicate ecosystem. Since painting the Blackmouth catshark for the project I've chosen to eat less fish than I used to.

I have been painting for over 20 years, exhibiting my paintings at galleries throughout UK but mainly at my home town, in Brighton. My main inspiration is nature and the surrounding beautiful place we live in. When I went snorkelling for the first time it was a life changing experience of how I viewed the ocean. Seeing and swimming below the waters with all the amazing fishes/creatures and wildlife was a wonderful way to be one of them. Facebook

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