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A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #57 Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar ~ Barbara Eger

watercolour and ink 30 x 22 cm

The Atlantic Salmon are truly magnificent fish that can be found in a number of locations, including Europe, North America and the British Isles.
Their colour varies from bluish/green to silvery with some black spots, to a darker mottled appearance with red or black patches. The average length is around 70-75cm, weighing between 3.6 to 5.4kg.
The habitat of the Atlantic salmon is the river, where they are born and spend most of their young lives, before going out to sea. They undergo significant adaptations in order to adjust from freshwater to seawater habitat, where they feed and grow to finally return via sea surface currents to their natal river to spawn. During this time they face predation from humans, seals and larger fish. Survival rate to this stage is estimated between 14-53%. Some fish will repeat the migration and spawning pattern several times, although this is rare.
Atlantic Salmon were once abundant throughout the North Atlantic, but populations have declined dramatically mainly due to human activities such as overfishing and habitat change. Competitive farmed fish pose further threats to wild salmon, giving rise to problems associated with interbreeding resulting in reduced viability and character of the native species.
International conservation efforts are underway with reported slow progress, in an effort to save the wild species of Salmo salar.

Recommended reading:
"Atlantic Salmon is Basically Extinct: You are eating a Genetically Eroded Version". By Kathleen McKeoghain March 2014/ Source AlterNet. An excellent summary of Scientific Literature on native Atlantic salmon

Fish #57 Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar ~ Mali Boyce

Acrylic on Paper 34 x 29 cm

Atlantic Salmon

The natural breeding grounds of Atlantic salmon are rivers in Europe and the eastern coast of North America and unsurprisingly there is a great deal of folklore from these countries about this beautiful fish, from Celtic, Norwegian and Native American stories, myths and legends, to Pictish stone carvings such as the stone in the Manse Garden at Glamis, Angus, which dates from the 7th century, and the novel Salar the Salmon by Henry Williamson. The Salmon is regarded as brave and wise, possessing determination and strength and it is believed that dreams about salmon show that person overcoming adversity and achieving success, which reflect the salmon's life cycle.

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