Time and Tide Bell ~ #200Fish

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #108 Broadnosed Pipefish Syngnathus typhle ~ Emily Jennings

Textile 33 x 25 cm

Broadnosed Pipefish

The Broadnosed Pipefish is a member of the syngnathidae family, which includes pipefish and seahorses. It is hexagonal in cross section and instead of scales, has small bony plates. It is a mottled green with a yellow belly, has a fan shaped caudal fin, and a flattened snout. The average broad nosed pipefish is about 20cm long.
Like sea horses, the usual male/female roles are reversed during reproduction. Both sexes compete to attract a mate, and when chosen, the pair perform a ritualised dance. The female then deposits eggs in the male's pouch, where they are fertilised by the male, and gestate for about 4 weeks. Broadnosed Pipefish mate with multiple partners in a season, and a male may have eggs from several females in his pouch at the same time. Once the eggs hatch, the male provides all the care for the fry, whom also continue to use the pouch as a safe haven. Their average lifespan is three years.
Broadnosed Pipefish feed on plankton and small crustaceans, which they suck into their snout. They like to rest in a vertical posture camouflaged amongst the seaweed, hiding from predators and prey alike. The loss of sea grass meadows and other shallow water habitats therefore impacts the species.

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