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A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #132 Golden Grey Mullet Liza aurata ~ Ali Carpenter

Soft pastel, pencil and metallic ink pen on black paper 21 x 21 cm

Golden Grey Mullet

Liza aurata: I might look quite plain from afar, but look closer at the gold kiss on my cheek and my beautiful geometrical patterns. Then there's the glint and quick flash of light reflected from my silvery and gold scales, as I twist and turn with the rest of my shoal in the shallows and also my vast home of the Eastern Atlantic ocean.

Artist Profile: My name is Ali Carpenter and I have been interested in aquatic biology from a very early age. I read Zoology at Newcastle University and then studied for an MSc. During this time I continued to dabble as an amateur artist. Now that I am no longer in paid work, I have more time to dedicate to my work. This is a first attempt at a sea creature and I hope it inspires others to take care of the oceans and to get involved with local conservation efforts, no matter how small. I chose to depict Liza aurata as I found the linear pattern appealing and instantly appreciated the beauty of the sleek dynamic form.

Fish #132 Golden Grey Mullet Liza aurata ~ Stephanie Province

Mixed media 29 x 38 cm

For Sale

Golden Grey Mullet

The Liza aurata or Golden Grey Mullet as it is usually known, can be found in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean (from Scotland to Cape Verde), the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as well as coastal waters from Southern Norway and Sweden to Morocco. It has also been introduced to the Azov and Caspian seas. Inhabiting mainly estuaries, lagoons and ports, the Golden Grey Mullet is rarely found in in fresh water or in water deeper than 20m. This elegant fish has a slender grey/silver body and can be identified by the golden disc that appears on each gill. The largest of this species can be about 60cm in length and weigh as much as 1.5kg. However, most are no larger than 30cm long and weigh considerably less. The Golden Grey Mullet has a diet of small benthic organisms, insects and plankton. Its predators include European Sea Bass, the Common dentex (a species of Sparidae fish) and larger eels. Whilst not popular to eat in Britain, it is caught commercially and its white tender meat is considered a delicacy in some countries. The Golden Grey Mullet is the smallest and the rarest of the true mullet species. Its conservation status is within the class of least concern.

The Golden Grey

in inky waters
her lead grey
a glimpse of gold

Stephanie Province is an artist who lives and works in the small village of Overton, near Morecambe, beside the estuary of the River Lune. She also manages an art gallery called Edge at Overton (within The Ship pub, LA3 3HD) creating opportunities for local artists to exhibit and sell their work.

Fish #132 Golden Grey Mullet Liza aurata ~ Joanna Pass

Gouache on paper

Golden Grey Mullet

Not a hairdo of an aging, flamboyant rock star but a shy, elegant fish identifiable by a golden spot on the gills. The Golden Grey Mullet, cautious in nature, prefers the calm and stillness of shallow sea waters. Swimming as small shoals these ghostly fish seek shelter in harbours, estuaries, coves and bays. A scavenger, rather than hunter, means a diet of algae and other marine vegetation, detritus and benthic organisms such as worms. This beautiful fish, if given the chance, can grow to 60cm in length and is believed to live to 25 years of age.

Joanna Pass is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and author/illustrator of the adult colouring book 'Relax into Summer'. Joanna works from her studio in Lincolnshire. Her artwork is greatly inspired by her love of wildlife, nature, colour, pattern, hand drawn design and storytelling. Illustration clients include Vodafone and publishers Bromleigh House. Artwork has been displayed in several galleries and exhibitions including the OXO Tower, London.

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