Time and Tide Bell ~ #200Fish

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #133 Thinlip Mullet Liza ramada ~ Catherine Knee

Acrylic 41 x 51 cm

For Sale

Thinlip Mullet

The Thinlip Mullet is an elongated fish, with large scales and no lateral line. They are blue-gray, being darker at the top of the body and lighter further down. They prefer calmer, still water and don't swim much more than 10m deep. The thin lipped mullet is a scavenger, not a hunter, eating worms, dead fish etc which they find on the sea bed. They are easily seen shoaling in harbours and estuaries, and sometimes even enter rivers. These fish are quite tolerant of less clean, or stagnant water.
The thin lipped mullet live for a long time, and it is thought that they live up to about 25 years, but they grow slowly and mature late in their lives. This causes a threat to them from fishing. If a thin lipped mullet is caught in stagnant water, it can affect their taste. They are fished for by using nets, except when fished by a recreational fisherman. It is hard for a fisherman to catch them, because, although easily visible, they frighten easily and swim away even at the sight of a shadow. I have heard it told that they are sometimes referred to a grey ghosts by fishermen, although I am not sure how accurate that is.
I chose this fish because I like its clean simple lines and traditional fish shape. I just liked how neat its design is.
I am not an artist. I am a photographer, but I sometimes dabble in other creative things, with arguably less success than my photography. My website is catherineknee.uk and my photos can also be found on facebook and 500px. This is the first public showing of something I have painted, and it is great to participate in a project like this.

The Ghost in the Water

Silently, I swim near the surface
in the shallows,
in the still and calm
I touch your craft, your boat, your ship
as it wallows in the marina.
I swim into your rivers,
nibbling the detritus,
my silver scales flashing.
In the sunlight, you see me,
I am just there...
just there!
Your shadow looms.
In a moment, a second, a flash
I am gone,
a grey ghost in the water.

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