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A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #139 Red Mullet Mullus surmuletus ~ Tracy Gaytor

Wet & dry hand felted wool & silks & textiles 27 x 42 cm

Striped Red Mullet

"A very handsome mullet"
I offer you the very handsome striped red mullet. A colourful fish with red coloured skin, pale pink flesh and thin yellow strips along its body. Forget its blunt snout, slightly compressed body and notice the elegant whisker-like sensory organs (barbels) under its distinctive chin. This mullet grows to an average length of 10-25cm, with sizes of 45cm possible. A maximum reported age is 11 years.
Mullus surmuletus is found from Norway to the English Channel. It is also found as far away as west Africa and as close as the Mediterranean. It is found at depths down to 300 metres. It uses its barbels to locate food in the murky sand and mud near the ocean floor. Its diet is mainly shellfish and crustaceans.
Currently in Europe, the striped red mullet numbers are in decline through possible overfishing. Thankfully numbers in northern waters are increasing due to the warming effect of climate change. Overall this means there is a commercial interest in this fish which is classed as "moderate vulnerability". More research is required to protect this fish from potential overfishing.

Biography: I have always loved being by water, the rivers, seas and oceans paying more attention to the surroundings than what lived in it. I created this fish as it was a chance to focus 'beneath' the waters, learn more about fish found on our coast and because it stood out for me at the time.
Although I enjoy many arts and crafts I remain intrigued by the art of felt making in all its forms. It all began from an adult education taster session... and so she became addicted. I still find the change from soft fluffy fibres to a firmly formed structure amazing, "it's like magic... I research and experiment (play) with different techniques; it helps me to continue to learn". I attend other expert sessions for my own pleasure, relaxation and to share ideas. Felt making is versatile and can be used to make delicate forms or even a robust tent! I like that I can incorporate my art, sewing and DIY skills.
My background is science and healthcare. I continue to believe that crafts and hobbies are essential to keep us mentally, physically and socially happy. Time after time I see this proven from at workshops I deliver and attend. People like the more precise 'stabbing' of fibres in needle (dry) felting, others love the tactile process and reveal of wet felting. There is something for everyone, suiting all ages and genders. The workshops I design are tailored to the attendees needs and abilities.

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