Time and Tide Bell ~ #200Fish

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

#200Fish is a community project to create works of art based on each of the species of fish found in the North Sea

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Fish #168 Snakeblenny Lumpenus lampretaeformis ~ Varjavan Dastoor

Soft pastels 23 x 30 cm


In the big blue sea
There's so much to see
The fishes are so many.
Under the seabed
You can glimpse the head
Of the slender blue snake blenny.
Born in spring
Sized a thumbnail
In the open water
It blindly sailed
Until it grew
Big enough to be found
By cod and pollock
And moved underground.
There it grew
to 'bout a foot in size
With a pointed tail,
Brown back,
And pearlish blue sides.
Endlessly digging
A network of burrows
In a tidy Y-shaped form.
Eating crustaceans
As the sea deforms
Previous tunnels
Before too long.
We want not from it
And it not from us,
So we know not much more,
At least not for sure,
'bout its way of life.
Yet the plastic we use
Soon turns to refuse
To befoul their benthic abode.
In the big blue sea
There's still much to see.
The fishes are so many.
A Y-shape on the bed
Means you may glimpse the head
Of the lovely blue snake blenny.

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"I also come in yellow."

Fish #168 Snakeblenny Lumpenus lampretaeformis ~ Kimberly Kay

Pen and watercolor 40 x 10 cm.

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