By the Sea
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The #200Fish Project at the North Sea Observatory, Chapel Point, Lincolnshire PE24 5XA

Open daily 10am to 6pm Thursday 23rd August to Monday 3rd September 2018

Admission Free

The #200Fish Auction

Thanks to the many artists who have so generously donated their works to the Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company to raise funds for our future art and environmental projects, we are selling some of the artworks in the #200Fish exhibition by auction.

Here's how it works.

Take a look through this catalogue and if you would like to buy a piece send an us email giving the Fish Number and how much you are willing to pay. Or if you visit the North Sea Observatory during the exhibition, 23rd August to 3rd September, you can hand in your bid on paper. Along with your bid amount, please include your e-mail address and postal address.

After the auction closes, at 6pm Monday 3rd September 2018, the person who has bid the highest price wins and we'll send you an e-mail. Sold works can be collected from the gallery on Tuesday the 4th or from my house in North Somercotes and time later. We can post them to you but will charge whatever it costs us.

Bear in mind that the images displayed here are a bit rubbish, just low resolution versions of snapshots as often as not taken on a camera phone rather than in a professional art photo studio. If you like these images you can be confident that the real thing will look a lot better!

The Price of Fish

How much to bid? The best answer is to bid what you think the artwork is worth to you.

That said, some folk may want a few clues. The artists range from professionals who make their living from their art and have established reputations that allow them to sell their works for three and four figure sums. Others are students and new entrants to the arts who may one day become established artists, with their works commanding high prices, or not. Others are amateurs who enjoy making art for its own sake, though that is not to imply that their creations are in any way less worthy than those of professionals. And there are a couple of works by children. The written texts that are presented here are the words submitted by the artists themselves. On the website at http://www.bit.ly/200Fish there are links to the websites of some of the artists. For those you can find out more.

With most of artworks in the auction the artists are generously donating all the proceeds to the Time and Tide Bell CIC to help fund future art events, while a few artists have asked to keep a proportion of the proceeds to help cover their expenses. Even artists need to eat.

We are keen not to sell the works too cheaply. The worker is worthy of his hire, so most pieces have a reserve which will need to be met before a bid is successful. Some are a few tens of pounds, others a few hundred. A few works might make four figures. But we'd rather not say which is which. The important thing is to bid what you think the artwork is worth to you. Other people's opinions matter less.

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