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We may not, single handed, be able to stop war, cure disease, end hunger, or save the planet, but we can, each of us, plant some flowers that give the bees and other small creatures a better chance and make our world a little more beautiful.

In the News - Archive

27/04/3013 Guardian
Damian Carrington reports on efforts by agro-chemicals industry to prevent neonicotinoid ban.

27/04/3013 Guardian
Video report by Damian Carrington of yesterday's neonicotinoid demonstration in London.

24/04/3013 Nature
Proposed pesticide ban gathers scientific support as some experts call for more field studies.

23/04/3013 Reuters
Bulgaria to vote in favour of EU restrictions on neonicotinoids.

21/04/3013 The Organic View

30-minute podcast about neonicotinoids affecting beekeepers in Ontario, Canada.

16/04/3013 Corporate Europe Observatory
Private letters reveal Syngenta and Bayer’s furious lobbying against EU measures to save bees.

16/04/3013 Telegraph
Sophie Yeo points out that many highe street shops are still selling neonicotinoids.

14/04/3013 Greenpeace
Bees in Decline - A review of factors that put pollinators and agriculture in Europe at risk. Greenpeace Research Laboratories Technical Report (Review) 01/2013

12/04/3013 Organic View
Are neonicotinoids too big to ban?

12/04/3013 The Grocer
Waitrose moves to ban neonicotinoids use by its suppliers.

11/04/3013 The Scientist
Graciela Flores reports on the political battle over pesticides.

07/04/3013 Independant
Horatio Clare asks why the Government won't ban neonicotinoids.

05/04/3013 Wildlife Trusts
A call for a ban on the use of three neonicotinoids is backed by The Wildlife Trusts.

05/04/3013 Guardian
Damian Carrington on Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee report on neonicotinoids.

04/04/3013 Guardian
Damian Carrington reviews recent science and UK government response, or lack of.

03/04/3013 CBS News
News report on record honeybee losses in the USA.

29/03/3013 Guardian
Pesticide makers propose plan to help bees!

29/03/3013 Huffington Post
The chemical pesticide lobby is waging a multi-million dollar battle to prevent regulation of chemicals.

29/03/3013 Lynn Dicks
Defra’s field research on neonicotinoids and bumblebees – what does it tell us?

29/03/3013 Huffington Post
More USA reports of CCD and links to neonicotinoids.

28/03/3013 New York Times
Bee colony collapse continuing worse than ever in California.

26/03/3013 DEFRA
Effects of neonicotinoid seed treatments on bumble bee colonies under field conditions.

23/03/3013 New Scientist
Michael Marsall on suing the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), saying it should have banned neonicotinoid insecticides.

22/03/3013 Guardian
Damian Carrington on legal challenges to neonicotinoid use in USA and Europe.

21/03/3013 PAN USA
American Beekeepers and Public Interest Groups Sue EPA Over Bee-Toxic Pesticides.

19/03/3013 American Bird Conservancy
Report from the American Bird Conservancy "The Impact of the Nation’s Most Widely Used Insecticides on Birds"

19/03/3013 Buglife
American Bird Conservancy called for a suspension on neonicotinoids.

19/03/3013 EU Commission
Appeal of last weeks neonicotinoid and bees vote is announced.

18/03/3013 Buglife
Plymouth’s Buzzing! A two year project working in partnership with Plymouth City Council to establish 5 hectares of new wild flower meadow areas.

16/03/3013 Bees are much in the news today, following yesterday's vote on banning neonicotinoids at the EU. Vote Result Damian Carrington in The Guardian, Charlie Dunmore for Reuters, Leo Hickman in The Guardian", Mark Kinver for BBC News, Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas in The Guardian, Soil Association position statement, Michael McCarthy in The Independent, Monty Don.

14/03/3013 Guardian
Alison Benjamin write the day before the EU vote on banning neonicotinoids.

13/03/3013 Guardian
Damian Carrington writes that Owen Paterson is set to scupper EU plans to ban neonicotinoids.

12/03/3013 UC Berkely Research News Brief
WIld bees found to benefit from diverse, organic crops and other bee-related research.

10/03/3013 Bee Friendly Zone
Dr Bernie Doeser responds to the BBKA Chairman David Aston's position statement on neonicotinoids.

08/03/3013 Dan Charles reports that USA's biggest honey packer has admitted 'laundering' Chinese honey.

04/03/3013 Letter from David Aston on BBKA's position regarding pesticides, 4/03/2013.

05/03/2013 Telegraph
Matthew Appleby on EU neonicotinoid vote.

03/03/2013 Guardian editorial
The long-term costs of inaction over pesticide withdrawal could outweigh short-term costs of a ban.

01/03/2013 CBS News
Reporting on the Burkle paper and American bumblebee decline.

01/03/2013 Guardian
Damian Carrington on the UK Government's opposition to neonicotinoid ban.

01/03/2013 Guardian
Damian Carrington on how wild pollinators are more important than honey bees.

28/02/2013 Science
Wild Pollinators Enhance Fruit Set of Crops Regardless of Honey Bee Abundance.

26/02/2013 Farmer's Weekly
EU Vote on neonicotinoids delayed.

25/02/2013 BBC News
Scottish bee decline associated with areas where neonicotinoid treated rape is grown.

22/02/2013 Science Daily
Flowers have electric charges that bees can detect.

21/02/2013 Independent
RSPB calls for neonicotinoid ban.

01/02/2013 Farming Online
EU Commission moves ahead with neonicotinoid ban.

01/02/2013 UK Bees blog
Neat collection of info on bee decline.

01/02/2013 Butterfly Conservation
The abundance of the UK’s larger moths has crashed during the past 40 years with three species becoming extinct in the last decade.

29/01/2013 Farmers Weekly
The European Commission will propose a partial ban on key pesticides to protect bees.

29/01/2013 Guardian
B & Q and Wickes say they will stop selling neonicotinoid containing products.

28/01/2013 The Grocer
European Commission will legislate to protect honey bees from neonicotinoids.

26/01/2013 Farmland Birds
Dutch parliament motion requesting EU moratorium on neonicotinoids and fipronil is adopted.

16/01/2013 European Food Safety Authority
EFSA scientists have identified a number of risks posed to bees by three neonicotinoid insecticides.

16/01/2013 Guardian
Imidacloprid described as "unacceptable" danger to bees feeding on flowering crops by Europe's leading food safety authority.

11/01/2013 Hansard, House of Lords
That this House takes note of the decline in honey bees in 2012 and of measures to combat the prevalence of disease in bee colonies.

11/01/2013 U-Cal Entomology & Nematology
Solitary bees improve pollination by honey bees.

11/01/2013 Green Guide
Defra launches consultation to help beekeepers protect their hives from pests & diseases.

11/01/2013 Buzz About Bees
Australia's honey bees and neonicotinoid pesticides.

03/01/2013 Farmers Weekly
Bee concerns over neonicotinoids pose threat to oil seed rape viability.

14/12/2012 Beyond Pesticides
Neonicotinoids Regulators Criticized by UK

12/12/2012 Guardian
Damian Carrington reports on the latest round at Parliament where the Environmental Audit Commission are investigating neonicotinoids.

05/12/2012 BBC News
Honey bees' high sensitivity to environmental change.

05/12/2012 Capital Bee
Calling for pesticide free cities.

28/11/2012 Guardian
Damian Carrington reports on Parliamentary discussion over neonicotinoids.

Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary, orders assessment after more reports on the dangers to insects emerge.

22/11/2012 EurActive
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) launches review of scientific studies of decline in bee populations.

21/11/2012 Buglife
Today Buglife Chief Executive Matt Shardlow gave evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee on insects and insecticides; calling for the immediate suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides.

19/11/2012 Bumblebee Conservation Trust
News of the Moss carder bee and Shrill carder bee.

16/11/2012 Daily Telegraph
Nomadic Romanian beekeepers with a bit of help from the EU. Nice videos with this report.

16/11/2012 Daily Mail
How EU budget cuts could kill off the birds and the bees. And on the same topic from the RSPB

15/11/2012 Xerces
Autumn (fall) newsletter focussing on Neonicotinoids in Your Garden

15/11/2012 Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Darwin Initiative research project to work on decline of and other pollinating insects in India.

15/11/2012 Copernicus Institute, Utrecht
The neocicotinoid era of pest management: impacts on pollinators and ecosystems. Jeroen van der Sluijs.

09/11/2012 Buglife
Buglife threatens legal action over bee killing pesticides

09/11/2012 Purdue Agriculture News
Genes that help bees defend against mites.

09/11/2012 UK Parliament
Submissions to Environmental Audit Commission on Insects and Insecticides.

03/11/2012 American Society for Microbiology
Antibiotic use may be part of the honeybees' problems.

31/10/2012 Eco Friend
Friends of Earth survey shows few people can tell a honey bee from other common insects.

30/10/2012 Daily Mail
Annual honey survey reveals production is down 72%

25/10/2012 Comparative Physiology A
Honeybees can discriminate between Monet and Picasso paintings. Wen Wu, Antonio M. Moreno, Jason M. Tangen and Judith Reinhard.

24/10/2012 Mother Jones
On the recent reseach on neonicotinoids.

23/10/2012 ArstechnicaNature
Another report about the Nature article on insecticides

22/10/2012 Guardian
Report about the Nature article on insecticides

21/10/2012 Buglife
Study reveals combination of pesticides seriously harms bumblebees

21/10/2012 Nature
Common pesticides affect bumblebee foraging.

18/10/2012 Butterfly Conservation
Painted Lady migration mysteria solved.

17/10/2012 SourceWire
Honeybees can bite as well as sting and that the bite contains a natural anaesthetic.

12/10/2012 BBC
London: Too many bees or not enough flowers?

07/10/2012 Japanese Journal of Clinical Ecology
Influence of dinotefuran and clothianidin on a bee colony.

03/10/2012 Independent
Decline of wildflowers over past 50 years.

02/10/2012 China Dialogue
Decline of bees forces China's apple farmers to pollinate by hand.

30/09/2012 Guardian
Isabella Rossellini: the Bee movie star. The dramatic arts meet science in this new film.

26/09/2012 Pariament - Commons Select Committee
Environmental Audit Committee launches inquiry into Insects and Insecticides

23/09/2012 Hunts Post
Buglife helps Anglian Water to create wildflower zones

21/09/2012 Guardian
Pesticide threat to bees to be investigated by parliament.

19/09/2012 Huffington Post
Bee Deviled: Scientists No Longer Bumbling Over Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

19/09/2012 The Organic View
Dr. Sánchez-Bayo Discusses Immune Suppression by Neonicotinoid Insecticides at the Root of Global Wildlife Declines

13/09/2012 Telegraph
Wildflowers going extinct at rate of two every year.

01/09/2012 Journal of Experimental Biology
Drugged Bees Go Missing - effects of neonicotinoids.

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