Mablethorpe hosts the latest

Time and Tide Bell

for Lincolnshire

The tides chime the time of high water lines

We are a Community Arts Group bringing Marcus Vergette's project to the Lincolnshire Coast, one part of a permanent installation of Time and Tide Bells around Britain's coast, rung by the sea at high tide.

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On the 10th February we were granted Planning Approval for the Time and Tide Bell at North End Mablethorpe. A big thankyou to all who helped make this possible.

We now need to raise a little more money to make sure the Bell can be emplaced this summer, 2017. (You can donate now electronically to our Co-op Bank account, number 65331183 sort code 089299.) If you would like to get involved in the project in any way, and we really could do with some more help, please don't hesitate to get in touch: e-mail us here.

Next committee meeting of Friends of The Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell: 18th April 5pm at Mark's house. e-mail us here for meeting details.

Watch and listen to the Appledore Time and Tell Bell ringing on YouTube

Watch and listen to the Cemaes Time and Tell Bell ringing on YouTube

See the Appledore Time and Tell Bell being installed and an interview with the artist on YouTube

The Bosta Beach, Great Bernera Time and Tell Bell (on a windy day). YouTube

This project is to make a permanent installation of the Time and Tide Bell at the high tide mark at a number of diverse sites around the country, from urban centres to open stretches of coastline. The rise of the water at high tide moves the clapper to strike the bell. Played by the movement of the waves, the bell creates a varying, gentle, musical pattern. As the effect of global warming increases, the periods of bell strikes will become more and more frequent, and as the bell becomes submerged in the rising water the pitch will vary.

The first bell was installed in July 2009 at Appledore, Devon: the second on Bosta beach Gt. Bernera, Outer Hebrides in June 2010: the third at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London in September 2010: the fourth installed in Aberdyfi, Wales, July 2011. A fith is being installed on Anglesey and our Lincolnshire coast could host the sixth.

The integrity of the Time and Tide Bell project nationally is in the choice of the sites and how they connect. The Time and Tide Bell is to create, celebrate, and reinforce connections, between different parts of the country, between the land and the sea, between ourselves, our history, and our environment. Each of the sites bring something particular and unique to the whole group. A site presently under development for installation this year is on Anglesey.

"This is an inspired project. The link between ourselves and the elements are in danger of being lost in our 21st century life. The importance of that link, given climate change, is more important than it ever has been and such a beautiful reminder of the importance of tides and sea levels is truly inspirational." Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, House of Lords.

Download a document describing in detail the project to install a Tide an Time Bell on the Lincolnshire coast north of Mablethorpe: Download pdf..

Photo credits: Marcus Vergette and Jim Wileman

Bringing the sixth Time and Tide Bell to Lincolnshire's coast is an art project by sculptor Marcus Vergette that draws attention to our littoral position between two contrasting environments of land and sea. The off-shore habitat has been neglected in the past but the Bell seeks to enhance our relationship with it, considering the implication of global warming for sea level and marine life.

The Friends of the Time and Tide Bell for Lincolnshire, a community arts group, plan to place a Bell on the beach to the north of North End Mablethorpe, just within Natural England's Saltfleetby-Thedlethorpe National Nature Reserve. Download details of the project here.

The Time and Tide Bell Project was a finalist for the Climate Change Awards 2011, Best Artistic Response to climate Change.

"Devon artist Marcus Vergette is ringing out a poignant warning on climate change with a permanent installation of 12 giant bells at high tide points around the UK. Rung by the waves, Vergette's seven foot-high bronze bells will strike more often as climate change raises sea levels, and their pitch changes as they become submerged. The first was installed in Appledore, Devon in 2009 with others now in the Outer Hebrides and London. The project connects the traditional use of bells for celebration and loss with modern environmental concerns. It also links communities around the country, with each creating a poetic inscription of their bell's significance."

The following pictures are of the newest Bell, at Camaes on Anglesey.

If you would like to help support this project in any way, or just tell us you like the idea, please get in touch.

You can join our facebook group here.

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Mablethorpe hosts the latest Time and Tide Bell