Time and Tide Bell

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

Portrait of Joseph Fourier - Louis-Léopold Boilly, early 19th century

Faces of Global Warming

A project to create portraits of the key players in understanding global warming

We are a group of artists and arts promoters who recognize the potential existential threat of global warming and are determined to use the arts to communicate our concerns to our audiences.

Our art exhibitions emerge from the conceptual basis of Marcus Vergette's Time and Tide Bells, stimulating conversations about human relationships with the sea, past, present and future, mindful of the global warming and the social stresses that climate change and sea level rise may bring.

This project attempts to record through portraiture the key players in our understanding of global warming, the scientists, campaigners and politicians who should be hounoured as heroes of our time.

John Tyndall

If you would like to be involved in this project send us an email. Pick somebody you regard as a significant figure in the field and paint (carve, sculpt or whaterver) a portrait. Take a photograph of t=your artwork and write a brief biography and we'll post it on this website. In due course we will gather everybody's works together and hold an exhibition and publish a book. There's no date fixed, no deadline set, this will happen in its own time, perhaps during 2020, but do get started.

Svante Arrhenius

Michael E. Mann - Biff Vernon
Oil on canvas 22 x 22 cm
His website

First step to get involved: send us an email.

We are a Community Arts Group bringing Marcus Vergette's sculpture to the Lincolnshire Coast, one part of a permanent installation of Time and Tide Bells around Britain's coast, rung by the sea at high tide.
We aim to spark conversations about the coastline's past, present and future with a programme of art exhibitions and events

Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company is a not-for profit organisation, registered at Companies House. Company Number 10934941