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Time and Tide Bell ~ 200Fish

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

200Fish is an art project whose objective is to raise awareness of the biodiversity of the North Sea.

There are about 200 species of fish native to the North Sea. This project is to record their existence through works of art. Mindful of the threats to the marine environment, global warming, ocean acidification, pollution, over-fishing and so on, we are inviting a large number of artists each to pick one of the fish species and produce a painting or other art-work therefrom.

If you are an artist who would like to get involved here's what to do:

  1. Pick from the list a species of your choice. You may find it helpful to go to Google Images or search elswhere for pictures of the fish.
  2. Send us an email telling us which fish you have chosen. We will then add 'Work in progress' against that fish in the list, discouraging lots of people from choosing the same fish.
  3. When completed send us a photo of your work and a short biographical note and link to your own website, if you have one, for publication, if you wish. We will then add that to the fish list.

As the project progresses our list will gradually be transformed into the catalogue for an exhibition which will be staged when getting on for 200 works are completed.

Loosely aimed at Autumn 2018, there is no deadline yet set or date arranged for the exhibition. It will happen in its own time, the project developing at its own pace. That said, inclusion in the exhibition of worthy works is on a first come first served basis.
When sufficient works have been submitted we will move to exhibition, so if you want your work included it would be better to act sooner rather than later.

The list is derived from Wikipedia's List of North Sea Fish. This webpage contains or has links to a wealth of information about each fish, and importantly for our purposes, what they look like.

F.A.Q. Do I have to be an actual artist?
We are all artists. It's what distinguishes humans from other creatures. Never mind tool-using; monkeys and crows do that. But no other species deliberately paints pictures or models sculptures and we've been doing it forever.
Do I have to be an professional artist?
No. This project is open to all, from acclaimed artists to folk just having a dabble and wanting an opportunity to show something they've created and are rightly proud of.

To get involved with 200Fish, Send us an email telling us about your choice of fish

So get on, pick your fish, paint your picture!

1 Myxine glutinosa Atlantic hagfish Work in Progress
2 Lampetra fluviatilis European river lamprey Completed
3 Petromyzon marinus Sea lamprey
4 Chimaera monstrosa Rabbit fish Work in Progress
5 Centroscymnus coelolepis Portuguese dogfish
6 Centroselachus crepidater Longnose velvet dogfish
7 Somniosus microcephalus Greenland shark
8 Centrophorus squamosus Leafscale gulper shark
9 Deania calcea Birdbeak dogfish
10 Dalatias licha Kitefin shark
11 Echinorhinus brucus Bramble shark
12 Etmopterus princeps Great lanternshark
13 Etmopterus spinax Velvet belly lanternshark
14 Squalus acanthias Spiny dogfish
15 Squatina squatina Angelshark
16 Hexanchus griseus Bluntnose sixgill shark
17 Alopias vulpinus Common thresher Work in Progress
18 Cetorhinus maximus Basking shark Work in Progress
19 Lamna nasus Porbeagle Work in Progress
20 Galeorhinus galeus School shark
21 Prionace glauca Blue shark Work in Progress
22 Mustelus asterias Starry smooth-hound
23 Mustelus mustelus Common smooth-hound
24 Galeus melastomus Blackmouth catshark
25 Scyliorhinus canicula Small-spotted catshark
26 Scyliorhinus stellaris Nursehound
27 Torpedo marmorata Marbled electric ray
28 Torpedo nobiliana Atlantic torpedo
29 Amblyraja radiata Thorny skate
30 Leucoraja circularis Sandy ray
31 Leucoraja fullonica Shagreen ray
32 Leucoraja naevus Cuckoo Ray
33 Raja brachyura Blonde ray
34 Raja clavata Thornback ray Work in Progress
35 Raja montagui Spotted ray Work in Progress
36 Rajella fyllae Round ray
37 Dasyatis pastinaca Common stingray
38 Dipturus batis Common skate Work in Progress
39 Dipturus linteus Sailray
40 Dipturus nidarosiensis Norwegian skate
41 Dipturus oxyrinchus Longnosed skate Work in Progress
42 Pteroplatytrygon violacea Pelagic stingray
43 Myliobatis aquila Common Eagle Ray
44 Acipenser sturio European sea sturgeon
45 Anguilla anguilla European eel
46 Conger conger European conger
47 Nemichthys scolopaceus Slender snipe eel
48 Alosa alosa Allis shadWork in Progress
49 Alosa fallax Twait shad Work in Progress
50 Clupea harengus Atlantic herring
51 Engraulis encrasicolus European anchovy
52 Sardina pilchardus European pilchard Work in Progress
53 Sprattus sprattus European sprat Work in Progress
54 Argentina silus Greater argentine
55 Argentina sphyraena Argentine
56 Coregonus oxyrinchus Houting Work in Progress
57 Salmo salar Atlantic salmon Completed
58 Salmo trutta Brown trout Work in Progress
59 Salvelinus alpinus Arctic char Work in Progress
60 Osmerus eperlanus European smelt
61 Echiodon drummondii Fierasfer
62 Argyropelecus olfersii Silver hatchetfish Completed
63 Maurolicus muelleri Mueller's pearlside Work in Progress
64 Arctozenus risso Spotted barracudina
65 Paralepis coregonoides Sharpchin barracudina
66 Benthosema glaciale Glacier lantern fishWork in Progress
67 Myctophum punctatum Spotted lanternfish Work in Progress
68 Gadiculus argenteus Silvery pout
69 Gadus morhua Atlantic cod Work in Progress
70 Melanogrammus aeglefinus Haddock Completed
71 Merlangius merlangus Whiting
72 Micromesistius poutassou Blue whiting
73 Pollachius pollachius Pollack Work in Progress
74 Pollachius virens Coalfish
75 Raniceps raninus Tadpole fish
76 Trisopterus esmarkii Norway Pout
77 Trisopterus luscus Pouting
78 Trisopterus minutus Poor cod
79 Brosme brosme Cusk
80 Ciliata mustela Fivebeard rockling
81 Ciliata septentrionalis Northern rockling
82 Enchelyopus cimbrius Fourbeard rockling
83 Gaidropsarus mediterraneus Shore rockling
84 Gaidropsarus vulgaris Three-bearded rockling Work in Progress
85 Molva dypterygia Blue ling
86 Molva molva Common ling
87 Coryphaenoides rupestris Roundnose grenadier
88 Merluccius merluccius European hake
89 Phycis blennoides Greater forkbeard
90 Lampris guttatus Opah Work in Progress
91 Regalecus glesne Giant Oarfish
92 Trachipterus arcticus Dealfish
93 Lophius budegassa Blackbellied angler
94 Lophius piscatorius Sea-devilWork in Progress
95 Atherina boyeri Big-scale sand smelt
96 Atherina presbyter Sand smelt
97 Belone belone Garfish
98 Scomberesox saurus Atlantic saury
99 Cheilopogon heterurus Mediterranean flyingfish
100 Gasterosteus aculeatus Three-spined stickleback Work in Progress
101 Spinachia spinachia Fifteenspine stickleback
102 Macroramphosus scolopax Longspine snipefish
103 Entelurus aequoreus Snake pipefish
104 Nerophis lumbriciformis Worm pipefish
105 Nerophis ophidion Straightnose pipefish
106 Syngnathus acus Greater pipefish
107 Syngnathus rostellatus Lesser pipefish
108 Syngnathus typhle Broadnosed pipefish
109 Hippocampus hippocampus Short-snouted seahorse Work in Progress
110 Aspius aspius Asp
111 Agonus cataphractus Armed Bullhead Work in progress
112 Artediellus atlanticus Atlantic hookear sculpin
113 Icelus bicornis Twohorn sculpin
114 Taurulus bubalis Longspined sea-scorpion
115 Micrenophrys lilljeborgii Norway bullhead
116 Myoxocephalus scorpius Shorthorn sculpin
117 Cyclopterus lumpus Lumpsucker Completed
118 Aspitrigla cuculus Red gurnard Work in Progress
119 Chelidonichthys lucerna Tub gurnard Work in Progress
120 Eutrigla gurnardus Grey gurnard
121 Trigla lyra Piper gurnard
122 Trigloporus lastoviza Streaked gurnard
123 Careproctus reinhardti Sea tadpole
124 Liparis liparis Common seasnail Work in Progress
125 Liparis montagui Montagu's seasnail
126 Helicolenus dactylopterus Blackbelly rosefish
127 Sebastes mentella Deepwater redfish
128 Sebastes norvegicus Golden redfish
129 Sebastes viviparus Norway redfish
130 Triglops murrayi Moustache sculpin Work in Progress
131 Chelon labrosus Thicklip grey mullet
132 Liza aurata Golden grey mullet
133 Liza ramada Thinlip mullet
134 Brama brama Pomfret
135 Taractes asper Rough pomfretCompleted
136 Pterycombus brama Atlantic fanfish
137 Dicentrarchus labrax European seabass Completed
138 Mullus barbatus Red mullet
139 Mullus surmuletus Striped red mullet Work in Progress
140 Argyrosomus regius Meagre
141 Boops boops Bogue
142 Dentex maroccanus Morocco dentex
143 Pagellus acarne Axillary seabream
144 Pagellus bogaraveo Blackspot seabream
145 Pagellus erythrinus Common pandora
146 Sarpa salpa Salema porgyWork in Progress
147 Sparus aurata Gilt-head bream
148 Spondyliosoma cantharus Black seabream Work in Progress
149 Remora remora Common remora
150 Naucrates ductor Pilot fish Work in Progress
151 Trachinotus ovatus Pompano
152 Trachurus trachurus Atlantic horse mackerel Work in Progress
153 Aphia minuta Transparent goby
154 Buenia jeffreysii Jeffrey's goby
155 Crystallogobius linearis Crystal goby
156 Gobius niger Black goby
157 Gobiusculus flavescens Two-spotted goby
158 Lesueurigobius friesii Fries's goby
159 Neogobius melanostomus Round goby
160 Pomatoschistus lozanoi Lozano's goby
161 Pomatoschistus microps Common goby Completed
162 Pomatoschistus minutus Sand goby
163 Pomatoschistus pictus Painted goby
164 Thorogobius ephippiatus Leopard-spotted goby Work in Progress
165 Lipophrys pholis Shanny Work in Progress
166 Chirolophis ascanii Yarrell's blenny Work in Progress
167 Leptoclinus maculatus Daubed shanny Work in Progress
168 Lumpenus lampretaeformis Snakeblenny
169 Pholis gunnellus Rock gunnel
170 Lycodes vahlii Vahl's eelpout
171 Zoarces viviparus Viviparous eelpout
172 Callionymus lyra Common dragonet Work in Progress
173 Callionymus maculatus Spotted dragonet Work in Progress
174 Callionymus reticulatus Reticulated dragonet
175 Centrolabrus exoletus Rock cook
176 Coris julis Mediterranean rainbow wrasse Work in Process
177 Ctenolabrus rupestris Goldsinny wrasse
178 Labrus bergylta Ballan wrasse Work in Progress
179 Labrus mixtus Cuckoo wrasse Work in Progress
180 Symphodus melops Corkwing wrasse
181 Euthynnus alletteratus Little tunny Work in Progress
182 Katsuwonus pelamis Skipjack tuna Work in Progress
183 Orcynopsis unicolor Plain bonito
184 Sarda sarda Atlantic bonito
185 Scomber scombrus Atlantic mackerel Work in Progress
186 Thunnus thynnus Atlantic bluefin tuna Work in Progress
187 Xiphias gladius Swordfish Work in Progress
188 Ammodytes marinus Raitt's sand eel
189 Ammodytes tobianus Small sandeel
190 Gymnammodytes semisquamatus Smooth sandeel
191 Hyperoplus immaculatus Greater sand-eel
192 Hyperoplus lanceolatus Great sandeel
193 Anarhichas lupus Atlantic wolffish Work in Progress
194 Echiichthys vipera Lesser weever
195 Trachinus draco Greater weever
196 Arnoglossus laterna Mediterranean scaldfish
197 Glyptocephalus cynoglossus Witch
198 Hippoglossoides platessoides American plaice Work in Progress
199 ippoglossus hippoglossus Atlantic halibut
200 Limanda limanda Common dab
201 Microstomus kitt Lemon sole
202 Platichthys flesus European flounder
203 Pleuronectes platessa European plaice
204 Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis Megrim
205 Phrynorhombus norvegicus Norwegian topknotWork in Progress
206 Scophthalmus maximus Turbot
207 Scophthalmus rhombus Brill
208 Zeugopterus punctatus Topknot
209 Buglossidium luteum Solenette
210 Microchirus variegatus Thickback sole
211 Solea solea Common sole
212 Mola mola Ocean sunfish Work in Progress
213 Ranzania laevis Slender sunfish
214 Beryx decadactylus Alfonsino Work in Progress
215 Capros aper Boar fish Work in Progress
216 Zeus faber John Dory Completed
Number of artisits involved:68

And do try to get to know your fish. As well as the obvious online sources such as Wikipedia and Google Images, try this remarkable database of all things fishy: FishBase

On the basis that a thousand words are worth a picture, we invite artists to include writing, documentary, prose, poetry or whatever, with their art-work.
The exhibition will feature the written word more extensively than often found on labels in art galleries.
The exhibition catalogue could be a good read - but that's up to you, the artists.

The Wildlife Trusts - Living Seas

Download the Living Seas vision for the future of our seas

Fish # 135 Rough Pomfret Taractes asper ~ Maxim Griffin

Mosaic Fish ~ Fiona Gurney at Box of Frogs

Up-cycled drinks can Fish ~ Christina Stevens at HereNorThere

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