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Time and Tide Bell

A Continuing Arts Programme facing Lincolnshire's Coast

About us

The Friends of Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell is a loose affiliation of supporters and artists forming a Community Arts Group, which has brought Marcus Vergette's sculpture to the Lincolnshire Coast, one part of a permanent installation of Time and Tide Bells around Britain's coast, rung by the sea at high tide. We are using the arts to stimulate thought about our coastal environment and the issues of global warming and sea level rise. We aim to spark conversations about the coastline's past, present and future with a programme of art exhibitions and events.

Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit company, registered at Companies House. Company Number 10934941, the objects of which are:

The Directors of the company are:

The Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association are available to download here

The impetus for founding this organisation came from Marcus Vergette.

Marcus Vergette, sculptor, creator of Time and Tide Bell. Marcus is the originator of the whole national Time and Tide Bell project, a series of public sculptures. His Bell that we are installing in Lincolnshire forms the starting point, conceptual basis and inspiration for the project. Marcus Vergette, born 1961,USA, is an interdisciplinary artist who is producing critically acclaimed work across the UK and Europe. He uses the latest computer developments in Finite Element Analysis (which can determine the vibrations within a material) to design new bell forms with specific harmonic relationships. He has exhibited in the Venice Guggenheim, and in many public and private collections. He has made public sculpture in Hungary, Armenia, Czech Republic, U.S.A., and the U.K.. A recent work of Vergette's is a bell for the U.N. buffer zone in Cyprus.

National coordination of the several Time and Tide Bell communities is headed by Peter Gingold.

Peter Gingold is an experienced cultural entrepreneur, formerly Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society, leader of the artistic strand of Liverpool's successful bid for Capital of Culture in 2008, and Founder and Director of the charity Tipping Point among a broad range of other projects. He has joined the project as producer and national co-ordinator, to pull the range of activities of the several Time and Tide Bell communities around Britain's coast together. While the various Time and Tide Bell communities are separate and independent entities they collaborate to their mutual benefit, giving a national impact to the individual projects. Gingold will establish a national charity, with trustees and patronage appropriate to the nature of the project

The Friends of the Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell is open to all who support the Objects of the Company and there is no membership fee. If you would like to join us please send us an e-mail.

The Time And Tide Bell Organisation Limited, is our national organisation, a registered charity, whose charitable objects are: 1. To advance the education of the public in the physical and natural environment and its conservation, protection and improvement by the promotion of outdoor learning and engagement with the seashores of the United Kingdom; 2. To promote the arts for the benefit of the public by the installation of Tide Bells as public artworks around the coast of the united kingdom.

The Board of Trustees are Catherine Graham-Harrison (Chair), Judith Knight and Irene Gunston. Alan Dix is the Artistic Director and Peter Gingold is the Secretary.

Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company is a not-for profit organisation, registered at Companies House. Company Number 10934941