Transition Town Louth, Lincolnshire.

Matters Arising

from the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 25th February 2009

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08 March 2009 19:53

I personally feel the working groups are still relevant - I've been inviting people to carry out the workshops. Confirmed so far:

All are willing to contribute - eg - half an hour throughout the day to teach their skill - for free!

Also found a local yoga instructor that seems interested - I personally feel its important to raise awareness about the lesser known community groups present as well as the ones that are popular..nisha

08 March 2009 14:11

The working groups we spoke about at Len & Terry's back in early Feb had these volunteers. If the main thrust of the meeting is bringing together local community groups some of the topics may not be appropriate for this event. Any thoughts?

I've made some progress with Transport, Alex Woollen of Sustrans has agreed to come and promote the benefits of getting on your bike! I'll try and get together some other interested parties with regard to Walking, cycling and public transport. James

08 March 2009 12:43

How about people who are interested in specific areas take resoponsibility for inviting the groups that best represent that area. So I have invited LOGO, the Vegetarian Society and the Allotment society because I have a keen interest in food production and use. I shall make sure they are happy, have what they want, and know the set up of how things will work on the day and where things are. Now if each of us could do the same, or even pair up to work on a specific area(form a working group) that would be great. We will need people to man a TTL peak oil and climate change specific stall, and also people to help with providing refreshments.

It would be great to get format and responsibilities finalised so that we can start promoting the event - something that requires considerable effort! How does that sound anyone? Nick

08 March 2009 12:14

John and I are in touch with the residents associations in our wards - numbering about 7, I think. Some of them might like 'outside' speakers. The Community Beat officer (in charge of the PCSO's) is pc Al Town, there are dozens of sports clubs, what about Mock the Flock for arts.....there is a fairly up to date town guide which lists a lot of organisations (and other older publications.) Someone could probably get a Town Guide from the Town Clerk or possibly the area office/TIC in Cannon Street. I have a copy if all else fails.... Lesley

08 March 2009 10:15

Sarah Biff Bob and I managed to have a bit of a chat with David with regards the layout for the 9th May.

Basic idea was to serve coffee, show films, and have the main 3 stalls(TTL, Fairtrade, and Christian Aid) in the church, then draw people into the back rooms with the prospect of cakes(veg society) plantsand veg(LOGO) for sale, and activities for children to do, intermingled with the other community groups who will attend. There is the option to have a coffee drinking area in one of the back rooms aswell.
David is hoping this event may be pivotal in the town, drawing groups with shared ethics together. We agreed that getting all the different groups together and talking to each other at one event would be a success irrespective of attendance, although obviously we are hoping to get as many people through the doors as possible. It was also thought that the individual groups would be helpful in publicising the event, so the more groups that attend the better!
Did I miss anything? Nick

08 March 2009 09:54

I shall leave a run down of the Fairtrade Coffee morning stall to someone else and just mention the details of the survey we did.

The question asked was:
"Which community groups or organisations do you think help build and strengthen the community in Louth and the surrounding areas?"
I filled a couple of sheets of A4 so won't mention them all.

There was a massive vote for church groups, some specifically the church, but mainly the other activities like playgroups, parent support groups, young and teenage peoples support groups. - I spoke to David about inviting reps from some of these groups to the May9th and he is going to look into it.
Next came specific interest groups with such things as:

So that was the response. There are other groups already confirmed like Lincs Organic Gardeners, the Vegetarian Society, and hopefully ELDC energy efficiency Reps(any luck Bob?).

I am sure there are lots of other groups that we would like to invite, maybe we should have a brain storm(sorry-'thought shower') on all the groups we would like to invite and all contact a few each? Nick

Matters Arising

from the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Sounds like you had a great meeting!

It is really heartening to hear the Time Banking idea is getting some interest and is progressing. I think it is a very worth while scheme which would work right at the heart of a Transition Initiatives aims, that of rebuilding community and increasing it's resilience in the face of Peak oil and climate change.

A couple of comments about the 9th of May:

There is lots that can be done to mitigate climate change (he said hopefully), but the peak oil thing is just going to happen whatever, and it is the job of a Transition Initiative to show communities where the problems might be and what the solutions might be. One specific thing that is at the heart of a Transition Initiative is rebuilding community. When times are hard and people may not be able to afford to heat their homes, or buy enough food, or get to a chemist to get medication, or run out of fuel, or suffer any hardship brought about by a crippled economy and a fuel rationed society, then they need to know that there is a community around them who will help, and who understand, and are prepared. We need to get groups talking to each other so they can see their shared ethics. Anyone I have invited to this event knows why they have been invited. I have told them they are already part of TTL because of their values, and that it would be great if they could come and promote those values on the 9th of May. We need as many people as possible to understand that they are already with us, and by pulling together we can be stronger.

The 7 areas for working groups are great and all are significant with regards peak oil and climate change. Although I think we must realise that the more immediate and powerful issue is that of Peak oil, and in awareness raising, it is an understanding of this issue and it's implications to society we must strive to get across. Personally I think let the groups we invite deal with the specific issues, and let all the core members of TTL man just one stall together dealing with anything people want to talk about, but specifically highlighting peak oil and climate change (as well as keeping all the community groups invited happy, films showing, dancers dancing, drummers drumming, coffee drunk, etc etc). Permaculture principle, "any important element should be made up of many components" springs to mind. My fear is that all it takes is one person to get distracted from their stall/job, or be ill and not turn up, and it is empty or not done.

I will be there as a member of LOGO so unfortunately will not be able to man a working group stall (apart from the LOGO one). But I do think it is important to have a stall explaining what Peak oil is and it's implications. Currently, I think that is something the TTL core group have a specialism in!

I am really looking forward to hearing about which other groups are coming to join with us on the 9th May. I suggest people get their skates on with confirming groups as people are getting booked up. The 9th of May is 13 weeks on Saturday!!!!

Cheers Nick

I agree with a lot of what you said Nick, and I think a balance between the impact of the working group stalls and the permaculture principle could be that, we still run with one person finding out about each working group concept, but at meetings leading up to the 9th may, these people present their ideas to the group in a small informal presentation, that way it won't be a complete disaster if someone is ill, plus we still keep the impact of the working groups. I agree with the idea that Peak Oil is a key factor to raise awareness about; I personally feel that, done well, we can all deliver that across each stall - because surely the whole point of the initiative is to give a follow on about how we cope with the Peak Oil situation, as well as that it is happening. On each of the stalls, we could have information on the situation of peak oil, and how it relates to that particular working group, hence conveying the idea of community strength.


Thursday 5th Feb 09

March 7th Flyer - I take it this is a hand out to promote event in which case see attached - is this what people had in mind? If I've got the wrong end of the stick let me know!

These are two sided, 4 to an A4 page. reverse is combination of Biff's web page intro and Bananas hand out.

At the event we'll hand out TTL leaflets as previously printed - right?


It's an absolutely brilliant flyer.

However..........we really need to advertise the 9th May event on it as it is to be given out at the Fairtrade Market in March. I don't know if we have an agreed title for the event but I think I remember that David Newlove came up with the quite catchy 'Beat Poverty, Beat Climate Change, Beat..a drum' Have fun with Transition Town Louth! ( I added the last bit!)


Flyer - plan b under way - needs to be given away on the 7th/whenever to advertise the 9th - got it! May 9th Did we end up each having our own lonely stall? - Weren't we going to have one big stall in a prominant place?


We're all going to be there! Nisha.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Nisha for producing the minutes so quickly and thanks to Len and Terry for the hospitality and Bob the bus for facilitating. I think that last night's meeting actually created more questions than answers, perhaps thats not a bad thing for it seems to me that the more thought that goes into this the better. (Yes I'm the one who said we should do less talking and more doing!)

Anyway this is my summary of where we are. There seemed to be consensus that the idea of somehow defining the meaning of transition in simple terms by seperating the key areas was a good one. I was advocating that if we keep things relatively simply on the stalls the message of what transition means would be easier for all of us to relay to visitors.

The Story of Stuff has a very simple straightforward message , that as we created the linear cycle of consumption which is damaging our planet and our own happiness, it is we who can accelerate the change to a better quality of life in a sustainable cycle of existence.

Good things are already happening to make the world a better place; we can ease the process along a bit by getting everyone to at least think about their daily activities and how they could change something and begin to break the cycle of damaging consumption.

I don't think we should beat ourselves up too much with regard to how we do this as a group. It's not suprising that we have differing views about the most effective way of getting the message across, but I think it is important that we are consistent when we act.

There is a bit of confusion about the layout of stalls on the day which didn't really get resolved last night.

A/ There was a suggestion that we have one stall which has the transition town louth sign board on it with information on Peak Oil and climate change. This stall would be manned by all available TTL members who would then be able to explain the significance of the other community groups that were present on other stalls in the room.

B/ There was another suggestion that we have a table for each potential working group eg, Food, Transport, Energy, Waste etc. that would have information relating to that specific group illustrating how we can begin to make the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. One of the TTL volunteers would man the stall and be able to communicate the specific challenges in that group. In this scenario the importance of the attendance of the community groups in the main hall is not as great.

C/ It was also discussed that we run a coffee morning in one of the rear halls with art/craft/music/community groups in attendance. Would it be useful to have a simple vote on the way forward?

I favour layout B and C , but I shall be happy to work with whatever we decide as a group. Of course we could really complicate things if someone wants to propose another layout!

Bye for now James

I agree James, the sooner the event layout/structure is agreed on, the sooner it can be organised.

It would be great if we could do things by concensus as this is, I believe, the way reccommended and trialled sucessfully by the Transition Network. This basically means that voting leaves some people still not sure, or not fully committed to the idea that 'wins', so instead peoples' concerns are layed out so other members of the group and put them at ease. Seeing as though I am the one who has questioned the format I shall outline my concerns and hopefully someone can reassure me.

1) There is no sub group that specifically mentions peak oil or climate change, the two things that drive a Transition Initiative. How are we to get those messages across?

2) There is no sub group addressing the issue of community building, another key area of a Transition Initiative. At the momnent the sub groups look like they could just be covering ways of mitigating climate change without preparing for the problems of peak oil.

3) Isn't it better to let the food growers explain where food fits in, and the alternative therapists talk about heart and soul, and the cycle club to talk about transport and the school groups talk about education? I thought the idea was to get the community groups we invite to talk about individual issues, and we tell everyone why it is important?

So please email to put my mind at rest.

Thanks Nick

OK my thoughts in answer to this point by point:

1) I personally think that, either we have a working group to inform on Peak Oil and climate change, or we make sure that every working group, as mentioned before, has a clear section on the stall informing about Peak Oil/climate change and how it links to the relevance of that working group, e.g. Peak Oil and climate change is X, by supporting local food production and supply, you help in Y and Z areas. Im a bit confused with the last point as, surely by encouraging a resourceful, communal, self sufficient lifestyle we are preparing for the consequences of Peak Oil?

2) In my view, the centre of the heart and soul working group is community building.

3) I think that's what the plan was anyway - each individual from TTL is just manning the stall to answer question / have discussions on how it relates to the transition initiative, and bring a unity to the whole thing. Each community group will be there to answer such questions - hence the idea of a briefing meeting.

How's that? Nisha

There seems to be some divergence of views on what the precise objectives of the 9th May day are. As I understand it, we're at a point now where the principles of Transition need to be taken on board by a much wider sector of the community, and working via all the activity groups in the area which are likely to be sympathetic & receptive is the obvious place to go.

Getting these groups on board should not be a huge problem. As was suggested at the meeting, perhaps another presentation session with the professional skills of Sarah is all that is needed (after all, it worked brilliantly with the councillors, who are not necessarily all of the same ilk). It would therefore initially be a priority to identify all the groups & get them invited (2 or 3 reps from each) asap.

Moving on to 9th May: the presentation evening would of course be the obvious opportunity to advertise the event. Nick seems concerned that there is no subgroup specifically addresing Peak Oil & climate change. These of course are the two fundamentals, & I think it is necessary to have an umbrella TTL stall where the basic transition principles can be explained to the uninitiated.

Other stalls could be set up to represent the subgroups identified, with representatives from any participating activity groups giving info about their particular interest, plus perhaps 1 or 2 Transition group members if any of those stalls are undermanned. The activity groups would be in an informed position to explain how their particular activities fit into the transition concept, & cash in on an opportunity to promote their club/association.

With the films & other activities planned, I think that this format could offer visitors lots to interest them.

Cheers - Maureen

Thanks Nisha, The idea is clearer now and I am happy that peak oil and climate change will be highlighted. It can be easy to forget that as members of TTL we have accepted those issues a while back, but others outside of TTL may still be unaware or unsure. My comment about not addressing peak oil was aimed specifically at the lack of a community working group, but you have explained this will be the focus of the heart and soul group.

May the 9th has now gone out at as a 'Transition Town Louth Event' in the latest LOGO news letter. They have put out a call for help with supplying plants and produce for sale so hopefully will put on a good show.

What sort of groups are others thinking of inviting or have approached?

Cheers Nick

Friday 6th Feb 09

Personally I can see advantages and disadvantages in each arrangement, if we had unlimited personnel.

However we are still a very small core group. Some of us are there under a different capacity with community groups e.g. Nick- Logo, me –Beekeepers, Yvonne or Biff – Fair Trade Town? Nisha/Kat – Mock the Flock?. Splitting us into different areas commits just about everybody to be there on the day for the full amount of time with no options for joining in with activities or socialising with the groups we have invited, without leaving our particular areas unrepresented. If there is an unforeseen reason why someone can’t attend, then again one area may not be represented.

The permaculture idea of having important functions relying on many different sources rather than one (ie don’t put all your eggs in one basket) seems to me better served if we have an interchangeable group of us manning just one information stall/area highlighting Peak Oil and Climate Change and, if necessary, able to explain the links of the various community groups to the future vision which these issues force us to consider.


Ah yes, there is the issue of person power...Nick

Yes please, One big stall, lots of bodies! Terry

I understand that numbers on the day might be an issue so having one stall for the transition group would make sense. I still think it would be a good idea to have some information that encapsulates the Transition movement and shows how the various elements of our earthly existence will be affected.

As it happens I think I have found the very thing. The Transition network have just released this new document which is a bit more reader friendly than the transition primer that you may have read before. This is the link to it, it's a 3mb document so might take a while if your connection is the digital equivalent of two bean cans and a piece of string. Who We Are and What We Do by Rob Hopkins and Peter Lipman.

I think we should try to get plenty of these for the 9th May, what do you think?

Are we still running with the individuals who volunteered to contact community groups in each of the potential working groups as per the minutes?


Well found James - you are on the ball as this document's less than a week old!- I haven't had time to read it all thoroughly, but thought that the vision for 2011 looked interesting - including the different areas of transition it highlights, a bit like we were proposing for the set up of the May 9th event.

You're right that it's a much easier introduction to the Transition Network than the primer and it would probably be a brilliant read for anyone really interested in joining our core group, rather than for distributing widely to the public (especially as it's so big).

I think we sometimes forget how far we've come as a group in such a very short time. Not much more than six months ago, we sat in a room discussing what climate change and peak oil means to us and what we understand about them and their implications for our future. For many people attending the May 9th event (e.g. the professional coffee morning goers), peak oil may not even yet be a term they are familiar with. Until very recently my own dear mother assumed I talked about it so much because it was the name of the oil company that runs the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal (and thought our stall at Louth market was a protest against them.) She's not unintelligent.

Peak Oil is an important term to get into the public consciousness and understanding and I think that's what our focus still needs to be. For anyone on the day for whom the penny drops ( I distinctly remember my own 'End of Suburbia moment' and I'm glad I had support around me), there is a realisation that there is a community around them who already realise this and have a positive vision for the future.

Regarding community groups, I've invited Louth Beekeepers and KEVIGS Eco-Council.
Terry - are the WI going to be represented?
Bob - any reply yet from Jon Challen?

Tomorrow I'll put a call out for the March 7th stall, so be prepared!


Monday 9th Feb 2009

March 7th
I can bring some jams and chutneys from Peter's Eden in Friskney for display on the stall.
The Big Question : "If you could pickle anyone, who would it be, and why?" Sorry about that. But I do think it would be good to link the question to the food preserving theme of the day. How about " How many people do you know make their own preserves?" I know it sounds a bit simple but it might get them thinking on who to ask for guidance, if they don't already have the knowledge.

May 9th
Can everyone that had their name down in the last minutes to approach local groups just confirm that they are still doing that or does this need co-ordinating differently?


Tuesday 10th Feb 2009

I like this idea. As you say it gets people thinking about their own local resources. I think we also need to use every public interface opportunity for us to collect ideas from the public, hence the idea of collecting local groups - same sort of idea, gets people thinking about what's around them, with the added advantage of it being useful information to us as a group.


How about instead of a 'big question' It could be a 'food preserving tips' board. So anyone with some ideas could write them on and stick them up , and people without ideas can read the board and get some ideas. If we get enough we can publish it as a book and make a fortune!!(all for the cause of course)


March 7th I am prepared to wonder round with a clipboard gathering ideas for community groups which are sharing transition ethics.that would leave the stall free to cover other issues/ideas. It worked well at the fashion show, between us Laura and I managed to talk to almost everyone in the building!


Hi folks. Glad to see March 7th developing. In terms of local groups, Peta Hill (the team parish community worker) is an expert on all things communal, locally. She and her predecessor Sandra Benham compiled an impressive list of groups, and had a fine network of contacts. I have taken the liberty of copying her in.


Wednesday 11th Feb 2009

OK sorry I've been out of it for a while! Here are my thoughts on the last few emails..

March 7th

May 9th
I got a bit confused with the new ideas of layout, are we going for a central Transition stall with community groups around that are split into working groups? eg LOGO etc in food producers, Louth Navigation etc in transport, Mock the Flock etc in heart and soul? Do excuse my slowness I've had a bit of a long month!

Got a salsa teacher interested in a workshop, plus Alison Mackenzie Taylor has some wonderful ideas for an art workshop for kids, Jane Penneck will do a drumming workshop as well!
groups wise - I was going to contact the following:

plus who would I pickle.......I'll get back to you on that one! nisha