Transition Town Louth, Lincolnshire.

Meeting Minutes for 2008 and 2009

Meeting Minutes for 2010

Matters Arising

Notes from meeting of 1st December 2009 at 68 Eastfield Road) (apologies for the lack of warmth)

Maggie facilitated. Also present were Maureen, Biff, Jude, James, Noel, Janet, Jean, Jackie, Bob and Martin. Robert popped in near the end.

Market Stall – James has booked a stall on the Christmas market on 20th December 10.00am to 4.00pm. We will raffle donated gifts and give away light bulbs as well as leafleting and information. Everyone should try to bring along 3 or 4 appropriate gifts. Maureen will get the raffle tickets; Bob will check the legality of raffling and Biff will organise a rota by email.

Leaflet – Biff produced a sample A5 flyer to give away at the Christmas markets and beyond. We agreed that £45 for 2000 copies was OK. He has since circulated it for any ideas for improvement – and he’s had a few suggestions!

Transition Together – Everyone advised to get familiar with this as it points to some excellent practical ways forward.

Films - Biff reminded us that we can expect our £5K funding for setting up a film club in the next few weeks. We agreed to go for a free showing of Age of Stupid in the Conoco Rooms (cost £16) on Friday 29th January, followed by open discussion. Will advertise it at the Christmas stall, Bob to organise projector, Martin cops the speakers. Can’t remember who is booking the hall or providing a laptop. Bob to get it into the local press and do a leaflet. Yvonne – you were volunteered to lead distribution.

Louth Partnership – Biff attended, and reported on, the Town partnership meeting at Kenwick. Lots of ideas (including Biff’s innovative electric light railway!!). We will join the interim Town Partnership to help decide priorities for an action plan for the town in the near future. There seems to be great scope for working closely with Mark Barnes – the Town Manager, who will be holding follow-up meetings at Holy Trinity on Wednesday 9th December at 10.00am and 6.00pm. Louth is now “officially” a Food Town and has formed a Food Group, which will have its first meeting at Perkin’s Pantry on Monday 7th December at 6.00pm. Biff, Roxy, James et al will attend.

Garden Club – Maggie has done a lot of chasing up – she met Ron Bagshaw of Trinity Allotments who liked the idea of a Community Garden and is checking out possible sites at London Road and Watts Lane. Maggie will look into other options, including school grounds, but if we get nowhere, we will advertise for land.

Swimming Pool – Maggie has spoken with Robert Gwynne about the prospects for a skate park in the old swimming pool. Robert later said that he had received no positive replies yet.

The Wave – Jude is going down to London and James talked himself into giving her an early morning lift to Wragby.

Time banking – James has asked Watts Lane Residents to fill in skills forms but has had no replies yet. He will chase up at the next meeting but there was a growing feeling that Louth folk “like looking after themselves” so we might need to decide soon if we want to renew our Time banking subscription. Biff has joined “Skill swap” which is a bit like time banking but isn’t. It is more 1 to 1.

Logo – Noel circulated his suggested design for a logo, which was pretty good but doubts were raised about copyright as part of the design was lifted from somewhere else. Nick has also drawn up an idea. Most were quite happy with the current intertwined hands design but we all agreed to choose one, come hell or high water, at our AGM in January.

Green Futures (Grimsby) – Noel and Janet circulated a leaflet about the community eco-project in Grimsby, which is recruiting volunteers. N and J have already put in a hard day’s graft. We need to keep in touch.

The meeting ended with a magical mystery tour on Biff’s electric light railway.

The next meeting will include the AGM and will be on Tuesday January 12th.

Minutes of TTL meeting 03/11/09 held at the Bowe residence starting at 7pm.

Present: Jean, Biff, Judith, Nick, James, Sue, Maureen, Maggie, John, Janet, Noel, Bob. Apologies: Sarah Jean facilitated, James minute taker.

Welcome to Sue Litterick.

Sue mentioned that there was the possibility of a coach to deliver those interested to the London Wave on the 5th December, setting off from Lincoln direct to Westminster cost of £15 if the coach is full. Please contact Sandie Stratford of TT Lincoln to book a seat.

Eastfield garden, Maggie reported that the stretch of disused land that seemed to be available for conversion to a community garden, would not be immediately available as first thought but could still be a possibity in six months time. Nick suggested that we actively seek out some suitable land that could be used to create a community garden, Maggie,John,Judith and James agreed to form a sub group to investigate the potential sites in Louth Town. Apart from providing a supply of fresh foods it was agreed that this would be an ideal introduction to gardening for many people mulling over the idea of growing their own food.

Nick relayed Sarah's request that we organise a Winter social get together, possibly involving Morris dancing lessons from Bob, in Bob's absence we agreed this would be a great idea, fortunately when Bob was informed he thought so too!

Nick mentioned that he was saving seeds for distribution, other members at the meeting also had seeds to share, potentially for use in the community garden.

Biff spoke about the Transition together funding that we have recently been awarded. After a brief discussion on the course of action it was agreed that we wait until the workbook and planners arrived to conclude how we would manage the project.

Biff has 400 energy efficient light bulbs for distribution, that he obtained via Tracey at Home Start. It was decided that we could use these as handouts for a market stall awareness raising date.

James agreed to book a stall on the 20th December Xmas market for TTL , should be free of charge. Biff had a novel idea of putting pieces of coal into bags for distribution on the stall, with a note to emphasise the need not to burn the coal, but rather to preserve it as a carbon sink which is essentially what it should remain as, if we are to have any chance of slowing down climate change.

Biff raised a few groans by twittering on about twitter. I think by the end of the discourse, Biff's enthusiasm for this developing information stream had us rethinking our initial prejudices.

James reported that he had attended the Mount Pleasant Residents Association meeting last month and had requested that he be able to return to this month’s meeting to present the idea of a neighbourhood Time Bank. There was a fair bit of support for the concept and agreement that the residents would be interested in learning more. James will attend the next meeting on the 10th November and seek some volunteers to start the Time Bank rolling. The hope is that if it works and has benefits to the community then we could use what we learn from this pilot scheme to expand the scheme to other resident associations in the town. There would then be a series of Time Bank "pods" that could link to provide a wider choice of services.

Noel wondered where TTL was in the stages of Transition suggested by the handbook. Nick considered that we were somewhere between awareness raising and physical manifestation, which sounded particularly exciting.

Jean suggested that we use the room at the Spout Yard to show awareness raising films. It is a small room, 30-40 people, which would be ideal as a starting point. Bob agreed to find out about the loan of projector equipment from KEVIS , Maggie said she would talk to Robert Gwynne about the room, James agreed to provide the DVDs and format the sessions. It was agreed generally that it would be useful to have a number of dates publicised at the same time with a number of different films, End of Suburbia, Power of Community, and In Transition (the movie) were suggested.

Jean wondered what was happening with the apple mapping project, it seemed nothing much at the moment. It was agreed that we could have a chart at the Xmas market and get an indication of the trees that are in the area and those that are available for harvesting by the community.

Noel said that there was an article in the Grimsby telegraph that announced Louth as a Food town. The article was by Mark Barnes encouraging individuals interested in being in the town partnership to contact him. The same press release had already published on our website.

Bob mentioned that he had had a brief conversation with the manager of the Louth Library with regard to the absence of the community notice board. The impression that Bob had was that the decision to remove the board was not made at a local level. Bob recalled that Yvonne was to write on behalf of TTL in protest but wasn't aware if there had been any response.

Judith asked who would be the person to contact with regard to the fading white cycle lanes on eastgate. No one was sure, but it was agreed that if anyone met someone in the council who agreed to be responsible then the matter should be raised.

James explained that he was hoping to set up some form of cycle co-op that would recycle bicycles and generally promote cycling in the town. He requested that if any of the members knew of individuals that would be happy to volunteer time to such a project, to let him know.

Reminder that Transition Horncastle are showing Age of Stupid on Friday 13th November.

Meeting closed at 9pm.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 1st December 2009 at Bob's 7pm.

Notes of TTL meeting 7.00pm - 6th October 2009 – 68 Eastfield Road

Facilitator – Bob. Present – Biff, Yvonne, James, Noel, Janet, Maggie, John, Martin, Jackie, Anisha, Jude, Sarah, Bob.

Louth Town Centre Management - Welcome to Mark Barnes, the recently appointed Town Centre Manager for Louth, who explained his role and how TTL could relate to it and vice versa.
- Mark aimed to set up a community and business partnership (possibly similar to and incorporating Louth 21) to advise and oversee the management of Louth town centre.
- We agreed to advertise his role on our website.
- Mark had several ideas for initiatives including a loyalty card scheme for local businesses, credit union-type gift vouchers – a short step to local currency.
- He invited TTl representation at an inaugural meeting of the partnership at 9.00am on 26th November at Kenwick hall – he would like us to be a member of the partnership.
- He’s visiting groups to find out what the big issues are in Louth and is seeking suggestions.
- Also interested in setting up a food hub – can we help?
- He will be drawing up an action plan, with a link to the Town Plan.
- Over 50s meeting at Trinity on 7th October 10am – 3pm to discuss local needs.
- Town businesses/organisations meeting at Holy Trinity at 6pm on 22nd October – we will attend.

Birdwatch and Apple Party -Sarah reminded us of the guided birdwatch event at Rimac at 10.00am on Sunday 11th October, followed by lunch, apples and apple-pressing at Harpsbridge Farm. [This turned out to be an excellent day – a good turnout for the birdwatch, pity about the birds – and an even better turnout for the apples – many thanks Sarah and Nick and special thanks to Jess and Elsie for the veggie treasure hunt, (I still reckon my apple was redder!)]

Transition Together – Biff has applied for funding from the Transition Together initiative which has £1000 to give to small communities of 300-400 homes. [later news – we have been successful and have £1k to spend on a local community project!!]

Library noticeboard – Still seething that an important community noticeboard has been reduced to a shadow of its former self and hidden away in an inaccessible location. Mark suggested writing to local Councillor and County Councillor (Pauline Watson) to complain but also to investigate any alternative locations. We all thought there could be no better place than the library.

Lincoln Timebank – Hazel at Lincoln is using Euro money to launch and develop timebanking in Lincoln. 75 people attended launch day; starting in one neighbourhood with just a few options, including a timebanking allotment. Good idea to restrict the project in its early stages to just a few options. James to investigate if there would be any interest in such a project with the Mount Pleasant resident’s Group.

For Freecycle read Freegle – Because of unhelpful restrictions being imposed by the US Freecycle controller, several UK Freecycle groups have re-designated themselves under the Freegle banner. Freecycle members must re-register as Freegle members. Our Freecycle is now Freegle. Biff urged people to (re) join and sign up in order to give the project more momentum – go to TTL website and follow the instructions.

Monitoring your own energy use – See TTL website for details on how to measure and modify your energy use on-line via an initiative by Prof Russ somebody or other.

10/10 – Assembling the e-register of local businesses was more difficult than we thought but Biff will email all those we did find – ELDC should be on the list, as should schools.

AOB – Horncastle TT now have their own website and have organised a free viewing of “the Age of Stupid” on 26th November.
- James distributed books – remember to pool any suitable books/DVDs for our library.

Next meeting – Tuesday 3rd November – 7.00pm 68 Eastfield Road, Louth

Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 8th September 2009
Held at Bob's 68 Eastfield Rd, Louth. 13 people attended including 2 newcomers. Facilitated by Noel.

Freecycle: Biff told us that the people in America who own the Freecycle trademark have been making a lot of money with it. Not quite in the spirit it was founded and some people have been objecting to it. There is a movement in the UK to reorganise and/or rename Freecycle.

Biff told us about a £5,000 grant he has applied for from the National Lottery funded lcoal food project to show films.

Celebrations: Nick suggested we have celebrations along the lines of the changing seasons approximately every quarter. A provisional date for 11th October was given for the first one, an Apple Day combined with a birding walk. He is going to launch his land project next Spring. People can also visit his house on Saturday mornings to learn the workings of Permaculture.

Timebanking: James said nothing much was happening with this at present. Some money has been set aside for this and a website. James brought up the question of insurance and having a disclaimer form. Biff said at present there are not enough people interested to warrant this yet. Perhaps the Louth town manager when in post would be able to help. Maggie agreed to look at the literature we have with a view to moving things along.

It was agreed that we buy some more transition books and films.

350 Campaign: Jean raised the bike ride in Louth idea to raise awareness about getting CO2 levels down to 350 parts per billion. Noel didn’t think it would endear Transition to motorists if we blocked the town with bikes and it could lead to health/safety/legal complications. It was generally felt that we should concentrate on the 10:10 campaign.

10:10: Yvonne said some schools in the Louth area had signed up to the 10:10 pledge. It was suggested that we e-mail businesses in the Louth area. Biff volunteered to send them an e-mail if some of us would collect the e-mails of the businesses and send them to him. This task was divided into alphabetical splits to make the job easier.Bob - abcd, Noel - EFGH, Terry - ijkl, Maggie - mnop, Nick - qrst, Biff - uvwxyx (Yvonne? I might have got those names and letter wrong -Biff) and E mail them to Biff. Bob said a press release was going to be sent out. Noel suggested a simple checklist of 10 positive ways to reduce CO2 emissions which could be placed on the Transition website. Terry had a book on self sufficiency to give as a prize for the best suggestion for reducing CO2 emissions by 10%.

Plastic Bags: Plastic bag free day is 12th September - not enough time to organize anything. Bob showed us a kit for making your own carrier bags. Apparently Sainsburys are having a promotion on cutting down plastic bag use. The ELDC are also having a promotion on this subject, Bob has some bags which the council are giving away and he arranged to let James have some for his market stall in Louth.

Landshare Offer: Janet reported that she had tried to get in touch with Mr Brackenbury regarding free use of land on the A16 near North Thoresby. She has now been told that this offer has been withdrawn. She did inform Biff by e-mail so he could update the TTL website.

TT Norwich: Noel talked about the efforts of TT Norwich as he had recently been there visiting relatives. He produced their leaflet which had been distributed around church halls and other public places.

Spout Yard: Maggie asked if we were in communication with the man at the Spout Yard project as she felt he would be interested in the Transition activities.

Louth Library Noticeboard: Yvonne talked about the inadequacy of the library noticeboard as a community facility. Biff suggested she write to Pauline, the Lincoln councillor.

Transition Town Louth Minutes Monday 13th July 2009 at Bob and Rose's; facilitated and notes by James.

Present: Bob, Noel ,Janet, James, Biff & Nick

Biff attended a “Local Food” meeting sponsored by ELDC and facilitated by F3 food consultancy. It was attended by local farmers, food processors, food retailers and local government. Biff explained there was a general discussion on food produced within the Louth area. One of the items of interest was the creation of a Louth Food Festival possibly in July 2010. It was agreed that this would be an ideal event for the Transition group to promote the need for food resilience and sustainability within the community. Biff agreed to discuss it further with Neil Sharpley who is organising Louth21 and set a definite date for the event.

Nick reported that the Permaculture Association had obtained £300,000 of Lottery funding to develop a national network of land projects. These land projects would be promoted as examples of good practice in permaculture and hopefully inspire and inform others to develop their own land in a similar way. Nick has entered his own land at Harpsbridge house for consideration as a land project.

Janet passed round a small flyer from TT Shaftesbury, which highlighted the key information around peak oil, climate change and the transition initiative. It was well produced and served as a reminder of the “snowballing” effect the movement needs for it to have a real impact on communities. Janet also had an example of a plastic bag which had been converted to yarn and then knitted to make a small mat. This had been produced by Janet with some help from the knitting group at a TT event in Shaftesbury.

There was a discussion with regard to the awareness raising film shows. It was agreed that schools would be an ideal venue for the shows as many would have their own equipment for playing the DVD. Bob agreed to speak with the Headmaster at KEVIS, Nick agreed to ask Sarah about contacts within other schools in the town. James suggested that we plan showings at 3 different venues at the rate of one a week. The group agreed that this would generate extra publicity and improve general awareness. Bob also agreed to ask for the loan of the projector for the presentation by David Fleming at Biff & Jean’s House on the 22nd August.

James proposed that we have an Open space meeting a week or so after the last film showing. This event would ask a question such as “How will Louth feed itself following the effects of Peak Oil and Climate Change?” It would be staged in a large venue and different topics that link to the central question would be focussed in different parts of the room. The aim is to stimulate ideas, debate and interest from the community into how we might begin to mitigate the effects of peak oil and climate change.

Bob mentioned that he had spoken with Tom White who was planning an eco fair in Louth which would promote the products of the renewable energy industry. It was agreed that TTL would like to have some kind of presence at the fair to promote the transition initiative. Bob agreed to get more details of the event once the date was confirmed.

Biff drew everyone’s attention to Plastic Bag Free day on the 12th September. This is a nationwide event to highlight the need to reduce plastic bag use even further. Bob agreed to construct a press release for the local newspapers.

Nick launched OA’s at this meeting. OA stands for Oil Addict , Nick’s idea was (I think?) to create a self help group for anyone struggling to wean themselves off Oil (or possibly all fossil fuels?) usage.

Biff submitted a brochure for mapping local food webs produced by TT Newark. After a short discussion we concluded that the idea was to create a local food directory of producers, processors and retailers which would highlight the vital connections that need to be in place to ensure local food resilience. The web had been used in Suffolk to successfully prove to the local council that more supermarkets are not the way forward.

It was agreed that as a group we should plan well ahead and publicise the upcoming TTL events throughout the town as a diary of dates.

Finally some dates for your diary

Sunday 2nd August “Fun day on the beach”, to be held at beach hut no. 47 South Prom Sutton–on-sea, with kind permission of Biff & Jean. (From the centre of Sutton Prom, facing the sea, turn right and head southwards. #47 is about a dozen huts short of the far end, Blue and White stripes.) Games and wind powered contraptions welcome! Bring your own food and refreshments, meet around 2pm

Saturday 22nd August David Fleming presentation at the Yurt, Tithe Farm, Church End, North Somercotes LN11 7PZ. 01507 358413

Tuesday 8th September TTL meeting at Rose & Bob’s House 7pm start.

Transition Town Louth Minutes Tuesday 16th June 2009 at Bob and Rose's; facilitated and notes by Bob

Apologies from Sarah
Attending were Maureen, Noel, Janet, Nick, Biff, Jean, Yvonne, Kat, Tess, James, Bob

Lincs Show – Nick and Biff to attend to help share stall and events with Horncastle and Lincoln TT groups.

Films – James has researched the availability of climate change/carbon management DVDs to buy or rent with a view to putting on regular film shows/seminars. “End of Suburbia”, “Power of Community”, Farming for the Future” and “Convenient Solutions” were popular choices but many more exist and James will continue research. Also will look into venues for film shows e.g. Nichol Hill, KEVIGS, Conoco Room, Holy Trinity. Agreed it would be a good idea to do after-school showings and take the show around village halls.

Publicity – Decided not to form a publicity sub group but Bob will try to start a relationship with local media to help with future promotions. Agreed we need to sharpen up press releases to make them newsworthy and include photos.

Transition Group links – Yvonne asked if we were keen to link up with other groups. Already close to Horncastle and Lincoln Groups and are twinned with Transition Katoomba in Oz and Transition Santa Cruz in the USA. TT Stroud would like to meet up (they are well advanced). Agreed to continue contact as at present via the TT network forum.

Time banking – Not enough people signed up yet to make it “take off” but will have a concerted membership push at Ecofest, followed by big publicity push and press release. Kat rightly concerned about the legal and administrative implications for her as co-ordinator. The need for a separate mobile phone for the project was discussed but deferred until there was more evidence of action. What comes first - members or setting up admin? Agreed that we should wait for more members. Agreed to hold a separate meeting for all signed up members in the near future.

Ecofest – Kat and Tess have ideas for vision sheets but need materials donating, especially sheets and brownies. Probably can’t fund raise at the event. Nick and Bob probably first there on Saturday to set up stall about 11.00 – (table- Bob, leaflets, banners etc – Biff, anything else for display please bring along).

The Great Unleashing – Nick alerted the group to the opportunity for a big launch of TTL when we have got enough projects on the go to present an impressive publicity event, including speakers, films, free lunch, workshops etc. Agreed late Autumn would be a good time – or maybe a bit later.

Drax 29 – Biff briefed us on the plight of Beth and the other Drax 29 protesters and the impending court case. The Kingsnorth Six film may provide an interesting comparison.

Logo – Maureen asked if we were any closer to agreeing a logo. Answer – no, but we’ll have fun trying.

Next meeting – Monday 13th July – 7pm – 68 Eastfield Road, Louth.

Transition Town Louth Minutes Tuesday 19th May 2009 at KEVIS

Attending: Nick and Sarah Vowles, Biff Vernon, Bob Bowe, James Pocklington, Laura Stephenson, Len Ashby.

Apologies: YvonneFinnie, Kat Bishop, Jean Vernon.