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Organisers: the competition is being organised by the community group Transition Town Louth with the kind support of Louth Town Council and the Louth Leader.

Eligibility: the competition is open to people of all ages who live in, or regularly visit, Louth. One person may submit no more than two entries.

Nominated trees: must be located in or around Louth, and be visible from a public right of way.

Pictures: A photograph of a tree, or a photo of your drawing/painting of a tree, can be sent by email to the address below. Digital formats jpg and pdf are preferred but any format will be accepted. If you prefer to submit paper copies, please post or deposit them with the Louth Town Council at The Sessions House in Eastgate, Louth (see address below).

Accompanying text: This must be a minimum of one word. There is no maximum number of words, but we suggest 10-60 words. For the purposes of publication on the internet, or in the Louth Leader, a long text may be edited for length by the competition organisers.

Deadline: Whether sent by email or post, complete entries must arrive no later than the 8th of June 2021. If sent by post, allow plenty of time for them to arrive before this deadline.

Online gallery: All the picture can be viewed in the online gallery:

Data protection: any personal data (name, email address) will be used for the current competition and will not be shared with any other organisations. They may be kept for up to two years in case of a follow up project and the possible need to contact entrants. If you would rather they were deleted immediately after the competition activities have ended please say so when you submit your entry.

Your entry must include:

1. Your full name.
2. Picture of your chosen tree.
3. Accompanying words.
4. Location of tree (enough detail so the judges can find it if necessary).
5. Contact details (email is sufficient for entries sent by email; entries sent by post may include email or telephone or full postal address).

Please submit your entry by email to:
Or by post or by hand to:
Louth’s Most-Loved Tree Competition
c/o Louth Town Council,
The Sessions’ House,
Eastgate, LOUTH,
LN11 9AJ

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