Transition Town Louth


003 Eastgate - Horse chestnut
Dina's Tree

The Manor House, 137, Eastgate, Louth LN11 9QE.

Horse Chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum. This majestic Horse Chestnut tree is situated within the grounds of the C18th Manor House in Eastgate, off the roundabout with Church Street. Its great pendulous branches bear large, upright blossoms (panicles) in May, akin to a huge candelabra. As the creamy champagne flowers fade, the greenest palmately compound leaves, that emerge from large sticky red buds, bear spiky cases containing the highly prized "conker" seed! A native of the Balkan Peninsula, and very much present and naturalised in Britain since the late C16th. Host to numerous pollinating insects, particularly bees, and the Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner - Cameraria ohridella. As the leaf stalks fall in autumn, the remaining scar resembles an inverted horse shoe with nail holes. This, along with the medicinal uses of the "conker" seeds, notably for horses, and the resemblance with the edible seed from the Sweet Chestnut tree - Castanea sativa - may explain the origin of this much-loved tree's name.

002 Opposite Aldi - allowed to stand
Clare's Tree

At the top of Newbridge Hill, opposite the Aldi store.

This tree was due to be felled in the development of the adjacent LinPac site but revised plans allow it to stand, enhancing Newbridge Hill, as it did when the maltings were rebuilt in the fifties.

001 Westgate - Lebanon Cedar

Debbie's Tree

The tree is located in the garden of The Limes, 41 Westgate LN11 9YE.

I have nominated this tree because it is so impressive. As an evergreen it is always beautiful. It is a Lebanon Cedar and is the only tree that is able to change the direction of its branches to grow upwards if space isn't available to grow outwards, giving it a unique shape.

Jenet and Noel, members of the organising committee, have provided a couple of examples to get things going, but no need to vote for these trees!

Janet's Tree

My Tree @ 53.363637, - 0.019726 O.S. FT 319 870

In Westgate Fields is my tree
It is beautiful as you can see
When the autumn season comes around
And all the leaves fall to the ground
Each year I go and visit it
With it's golden leaves like a bonfire lit

Janet Dunn

Noel's Tree

My Tree @ 53.357325, - 0.025643 O.S. TF 315 863

Halfway along Hubbard's Vale,
stands a beech tree rather small in scale.
Its chosen position on the valley floor,
is an inspired spot you have to adore.
Not so far from the River Lud,
it stands alone at the edge of the wood.
Surrounded by hills and other trees,
it is sheltered from the chilling breeze.
In contrast to the blue of the sky,
its autumn crown catches the eye.
With youthful looks and pale bark,
it's easily the best tree in the park.

Noel Dunn


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