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Gallery of Louth's Most-loved Trees

019 Westgate Fields - Redwood
Flynn's Tree

Westgate Fields

Since Flynn was able to walk weíve took him to Westgate Fields almost daily for little adventures and he has always been in love with the beautiful Redwood tree in the centre of the park. He enjoying climbing into the base of the tree and playing dens and getting all the family under the joining in, now including his little sister and our beagle Lola. Itís been a joy to watch his imagination run wild while playing around the tree.

018 Behind Grimsby Road - Copper Beech
Ishasha's Tree

Union Street Alley behind Grimsby Road

This tree is behind my house and I look at it everytime I look up from my PC - it gives me a wonderful view.

017 Victoria Road - Cherry
John's Tree

Victoria Road

Victoria Road is blessed with street trees; this cherry is one of them, an older resident. Replacements are made when removal becomes necessary for reasons of disease or danger. Increased tidying of our neighborhood has reduced the habitat supportive of wildlife corridors and the air cleansing that comes with trees and shrubs. The street trees really enhance our road just as smaller trees can suit our smaller gardens and our wildlife. We no longer hear owls or see nesting swifts and martins, but hope for the return of bats at dusk. Thank you to the tree planters.

016 Horncatle Road - Wych Elm
Nick's Tree

Wych Elm, Horncastle Road.

Although now at rest, it is a feeding post for woodpeckers and tree creepers, and a song perch for many others. A reminder also of the fragility and balance of our world. Here is a picture of 'our' Wych Elm in June 2015 - just 6 years ago. I produced a slide presentation of the tree, its flowers and fruit over a year from April 2015 - April 2016 for the Wildlife Trust.

015 Lime Grove - Field Maple
Jacob's Tree

Keddington Road/Lime Grove, 53.374775,0.005786

This tree has a personal history,
For me and my whole family,
It spent many years as a climbing frame
And when you were up it you just could not complain
The snowmen that sat beneath the tree, forgetting that is not a possibility
The trees we love have associations that fill us full of positive emotions
They're a symbol of stability, for you and me, we have the humble tree.

014 Northgate/Eve Street - Hornbeam
Sarah's Tree

The junction of Northgate/Eve Street

This Hornbeam tree, on the junction of Northgate and Eve Street, has to be one of my favourite trees in Louth! It sits in the near centre of town, is of almost architectural shape, bringing beautiful shades of greenery to an area where there is a shortage!

013 St James Rectory - Sycamore
Graham's Tree

Westgate - Sycamore at St James' Rectory

This may not be the most beautiful tree in Louth but it means a lot to me. Firstly itís a Sycamore and I love Sycamore trees. They are very late coming into leaf and therefore very late to lose their leaves thus extending summer into October. Secondly it is immediately opposite where we lived for 10 years until just over a week ago. It is in the front garden of The Rectory at St Jamesís church. I could see it from our kitchen window whenever I ate breakfast or lunch at the table. I could therefore follow its progress throughout the year.

012 Kidgate - May Flower
Judy's Tree

Kidgte carpark

I love seeing this tree at the moment, clinging to the fence in kidgate car park. It has fabulous blossom. I think it is a May tree (hawthorn).

011 Welcoming - Horse Chestnut
Tamsin's Tree

At the start of Louth high street (Eastgate)

I have always thought of this tree as a marker to the start of Louth high street....I feel like it is there welcoming everyone and generously offering its shade, blossoms, conkers and sturdy, reliable presence to us all. It also reminds me of another much-loved tree that was in the garden where I grew up. It was tricky to choose as my first contender for favourite tree in Louth was chopped down a few years ago.

010 St James' - Lime
Alan's Second Tree

At the north east corner of St James's church

Lime tree at the north east corner of St James's church overlooking the single direction section of Upgate and opposite the junction with Eastgate.

009 The Monkey Puzzle Tree
Roxy's Tree

Brackenborough Road

The monkey puzzle tree on Brackenborough Road is my favourite tree in Louth because every morning I get to admire this majestic, spiky beauty from my bedroom window. It dwarfs the period properties it sits near and empitomises the grand Victorian and Edwardian trend for the exotic. The tree's distinctive shape, glossy green and sheer scale are a joy.

008 Manor House - Horse Chestnut
Alan's Tree

Church Street - overlooks mini-roundabout

The horse chestnut tree in the garden of the Manor House overlooks the mini-roundabout at the bottom of Church Street. Its size and spread provides spectacular blossom in May, shade on sunny days, and an autumn harvest of conkers.

007 Ramsgate - Cherry Tree
Ian's Tree

Ramsgate - opposite Bryan Hall's Mill flats

My favourite tree in Louth is the Cherry Blossom Tree on Ramsgate when it is bloom it is absolutely gorgeous. It was in a poor state so Russell Hewitt and myself trimmed it back in 2019 and cut off all the dead branches. I cut the branches into manageable sections and took them to the tip. Louth has some lovely trees and hedgerows.

006 Orchard Close - twisting branches of Acacia
Doreen's Tree

4 Orchard Close, Louth

I love this tree because of the twists in the branches which remind you of a Bonsai tree and when the leaves are fully grown they look very different to most trees. I get people admiring it often as they walk past.

005 Hubbards Hills - Beech, Before Third Bridge
Isla's Tree

Hubbard hills- from Hallington end the tree is on your right, set back from the path just before you get to the third bridge.

I like this tree because it has lots of details that makes it interesting. When I first walked past it it really stood out to me. Hubbard hills- from Hallington end the tree is on your right, set back from the path just before you get to the third bridge. Isla Hall. (Age 12)

004 Hubbards Hills - Beech with Rosie
Caroline's Tree

Hubbard Hills (if you go through Hubbards Hills from the back entrance and walk through, it is on the right hand side near the 3rd bridge as if you are walking towards the cafe)

Me and my beauutiful girl, Rosie. We loved our walks round Hubbard's Hills and used to go there nearly every day and although she is no longer with me, I will always remember our times together when I walk through Hubbard's Hills and how she used to run around the hills (every inch of them) and paddle in the water. This picture was taken last Autumn and has always been my favourite season. I always think how lovely and colourful it looks with all the leaves on the ground.

003 Eastgate - Horse chestnut
Dina's Tree

The Manor House, 137, Eastgate, Louth LN11 9QE.

Horse Chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum. This majestic Horse Chestnut tree is situated within the grounds of the C18th Manor House in Eastgate, off the roundabout with Church Street. Its great pendulous branches bear large, upright blossoms (panicles) in May, akin to a huge candelabra. As the creamy champagne flowers fade, the greenest palmately compound leaves, that emerge from large sticky red buds, bear spiky cases containing the highly prized "conker" seed! A native of the Balkan Peninsula, and very much present and naturalised in Britain since the late C16th. Host to numerous pollinating insects, particularly bees, and the Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner - Cameraria ohridella. As the leaf stalks fall in autumn, the remaining scar resembles an inverted horse shoe with nail holes. This, along with the medicinal uses of the "conker" seeds, notably for horses, and the resemblance with the edible seed from the Sweet Chestnut tree - Castanea sativa - may explain the origin of this much-loved tree's name.

002 Opposite Aldi - Copper Beech
Clare's Tree

At the top of Newbridge Hill, opposite the Aldi store.

This tree was due to be felled in the development of the adjacent LinPac site but revised plans allow it to stand, enhancing Newbridge Hill, as it did when the maltings were rebuilt in the fifties.

001 Westgate - Lebanon Cedar

Debbie's Tree

The tree is located in the garden of The Limes, 41 Westgate LN11 9YE.

I have nominated this tree because it is so impressive. As an evergreen it is always beautiful. It is a Lebanon Cedar and is the only tree that is able to change the direction of its branches to grow upwards if space isn't available to grow outwards, giving it a unique shape.

Alison, Jenet and Noel, members of the organising committee, have provided a couple of examples to get things going, but no need to vote for these trees!

Hospital - Holm Oak
Alison's Tree

Louth Hospital

I am submitting this tree, the holm oak, or holly oak, which is growing at the top of a staff car park very close to Louth Hospital's Social Club. I have noticed and admired it for nearly 30 years. It isn't quite the tree it was 10 years ago - some large lower branches have recently been cut and its foliage used to be denser with a fuller, healthier crown. But it's still there! Its girth is 3.5m (11' 6'') which, if the theory is correct that a tree's girth increases 2.5cm per year, means it could be about 140 years old and planted at the time when Louth Workhouse occupied this site. The holm oak is apparently prized for its very hard wood, and is tolerant of air pollution so useful in urban areas. It can live to be 400 years old, so this one is clearly a relative youngster!

Janet's Tree

My Tree @ 53.363637, - 0.019726 O.S. FT 319 870

In Westgate Fields is my tree
It is beautiful as you can see
When the autumn season comes around
And all the leaves fall to the ground
Each year I go and visit it
With it's golden leaves like a bonfire lit

Janet Dunn

Noel's Tree

My Tree @ 53.357325, - 0.025643 O.S. TF 315 863

Halfway along Hubbard's Vale,
stands a beech tree rather small in scale.
Its chosen position on the valley floor,
is an inspired spot you have to adore.
Not so far from the River Lud,
it stands alone at the edge of the wood.
Surrounded by hills and other trees,
it is sheltered from the chilling breeze.
In contrast to the blue of the sky,
its autumn crown catches the eye.
With youthful looks and pale bark,
it's easily the best tree in the park.

Noel Dunn


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